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benny walker - sinners and saints

I had the privlege of being asked to snap some photos of this extremely talented bloke, Benny..
I also have been really lucky to have heard the songs on this Album - Sinners and Saints...and can honestly say that I could listen to his voice all day long.......It's awesome.
Such a great bloke and can sing!
Do yourself a favor and get to one of his gigs.. All the tour dates are below or head to to find out more .....

Benny Walker’s sophomore album ‘Sinners and Saints’ is an effortless blend of blues, roots and acoustic folk. Walker’s intimate, eloquent song-writing is complemented by a rich, soulful voice which speaks of the trouble, strife and wonder of everyday life. It is this voice that recently earned him the Victorian Indigenous Performing Arts Award for Best New Talent 2012, the Arts Cultural Australia Day Murray Shire Council Award and a 2011 Deadly Award nomination for Most Promising New Talent in Music.

Recorded at Yikesville with ARIA awa…

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